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HD Recording Quality

720p HD night-vision
Video and audio recording
Fully functional light bulb
Wireless device watch remotely
Record to phone or SD Card 32GB
Easy setup: plugs directly into light socket

Know what happens in your absence

Excellent nanny cam, Very covert
Perfect for surveillance: home, office, doorways
Includes motion-activated mode
Includes night vision
Draws power from light socket

Some important features to remember when buying security cameras

  • Motion Detection

    Cameras with motion detection can send you notification as soon as it detects motion. This camera can even send you email with the recording

  • Communication

    Sound recording and relay features help most of the time to drive the intruders away without physically being present in the vicinity. 

  • Wi-Fi Capability

    Wifi connectivity can connect with home network to make it easy for access from anywhere we have internet access.

  • Night Vision

    Most of the time the intruders come during the night time. Night vision always help to record in absence of light.

  • Field of View

    A 360 degree angle of vision is very important as it help to capture footage of areas where intruders can hide.

  • Cost

    Installing high tech security system can be very costly hence a cost effective solution could be to have these hidden bulb camera, at as many places required

Buy Hidden Security Camera Bulb with Wifi Controls

$180.99 USD